Affirmations For Pregnancy

Affirmations For Pregnancy have been designed to empower and support pregnant women with positive affirmations so they can feel great during pregnancy.  Pregnancy affirmations can help pregnant women relax, alleviate fears, reduce anxiety, decrease stress, connect with baby and establish a habit of positive thinking. Detox those negative thoughts and establish a positive mindset with Affirmations for Pregnancy.

Finding out that you are pregnant is an exciting time. As soon as you get that positive result, a million thoughts are bound to go racing through your mind. While some of your thoughts are sure to be joyous, some of your thoughts may be frightening and stressful! Pregnancy affirmations can help you enjoy your pregnancy.

Most women will experience fears about pregnancy, motherhood, and the changes that are going to occur when the baby arrives. Our fears about pregnancy and childbirth are made worse by our cultural conditioning. Western culture has conditioned us to believe that pregnancy should be treated like an illness or a medical condition instead of a natural process.  Even worse, everywhere you turn you get bombarded with negative depictions in the media and horror stories from people you know (and even some that you don’t know) about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. We no longer trust ourselves, or the process of pregnancy.

These fears and reactions, while considered normal by our society, are not optimal for you and your baby.

You want to do everything you can to have a happy pregnancy.

Chances are that you’ve made changes to your diet. You may have added in some nutritional supplements and started drinking more water. You may be allowing yourself more time to rest. You may be avoiding toxins in your physical environment.

But what about the toxins in your mental environment?

Your mind is constantly at work; you’re constantly thinking. But if you don’t pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking, you may find yourself with negative feelings and negative energy.  This can lead to anxiety, depression and stress.

What are Affirmations?Listening to Affirmations For Pregnancy

Affirmations are simply positive thoughts.  In your mind, you are affirming what you want. Affirmations should be specific, personal, and stated in the present tense (as if it is already happening). For example, you may affirm to yourself, “My baby and I are healthy and strong.” Positive affirmations only express what you DO want, not what you DON’T want; for instance you would not affirm “I don’t want to get nausea.” Instead you would affirm “My stomach remains calm and feels good day and night.”

What are Pregnancy Affirmations & Why Should I Try Them?

Affirmations for Pregnancy - First Trimester

Affirmations for Pregnancy - Second Trimester
Affirmations for Pregnancy - Third Trimester

The pregnancy affirmations that I have developed are audio files that include multiple spoken word affirmations over relaxing instrumental music. You can listen to your pregnancy affirmations repeatedly to help you replace toxic, fear based thinking with positive, affirming statements. Taking the time to listen to the pregnancy affirmations may help you relax, decrease your stress, alleviate your fears, connect with your baby, and help you feel more positive about your pregnancy.

How can I get your Pregnancy Affirmations?

You can purchase them on iTunes & Amazon.

You can view our Affirmation Cards here.