Kristal Brown and her daughter

The Expectations of Expecting

We are pleased to have a guest blog from Kristal Brown this week. Kristal is a mum, writer and the director of Positive Peeps, an online store for positive lifestyle products, wellbeing events directory and blog. You can connect with her via Instagram and Facebook.  In this article, Kristal addresses the importance of practicing presence in pregnancy […]

Debunking the Six Week Wait Postnatal Exercise

Debunking the Biggest Myth about Postnatal Exercise

This week’s guest blog comes from Lorraine Scapens.  In this article Lorraine debunks the myth of the ‘six week wait’ by giving women some safe ways to aide their postnatal recovery. Lorraine is a Pre & Post Natal Exercise & Wellness Specialist of 15+ years. Lorraine is passionate about educating women on the benefits of exercise during […]

Support during pregnancy and fourth trimester

How to Put Your Pride Aside and Get The Support You Need After Baby Arrives

This week’s guest blog comes from Kya Phelan of Positive Pregnancy Place. Kya is a mother and a doula. She is passionate about guiding and supporting her clients to have the best possible birthing experience, continuing her support into the fourth trimester. Kya wants women to believe in their bodies and birth their babies naturally; […]